Since the beginning of HEDCON in 1999 major achievements have been made in the areas of water management, human rights and networking. The list provided shows just how much the organization has developed and its dedication the to people of the Thar Desert region. Please also see the Success Stories page for personal testimonies from the people of the Thar Desert Region.

  • The National Human Rights Commission has been made aware of the child labour situation in the mines and it has directed the GOR to implement the 1952 Mines Act
  • The State government has set up a new pneumoconiosis board which will provide legal certificates to the persons suffering with silicosis and pneumoconiosis so that they can receive compensation from the mine owners. HEDCON is currently making efforts so that the board can be made functional.
  • Mine owners have not started displaying on boards information about mine workers working in the mine and number of mines. This has helped the mineworkers to understand whose mining site they are working under helping with legal matters.
  • Successfully publishing quarterly newsletter Khan Mazdoor in Hindi and Mineworker in English for last 10 years which has helped in establishing mining issues and making stakeholders aware of the problems
  • Advocacy to raise awareness of silicosis which before was not a known health issue for the mineworkers and doctors treating them
  • The publication of Soch Pani ki, a newsletter in Hindi released quarterly over the last 10 years and related to water issues over
  • Conducted extensive research on fluorosis and created awareness and facts within the society affected by it
  • Advocated to the government during the 2002 and 2006 droughts which resulted in a funding agency for relief
  • Has developed and helped to develop numerous awareness booklets and training manuals on reproductive and child health, water conservation, indigenous practices, HIV AIDS, legal rights and social security.

Please also visit our Success Stories page to read personal accounts of how HEDCON has improved the life of individuals living in the Thar Desert.