As a social advocacy organization, HEDCON has focused on identifying issues affecting vulnerable people and common issues of concerns for grass root organizations. Through grass root research and studies with its network organizations, HEDCON has worked on identifying the root causes of the problems and also in setting the ground for advocacy with different stakeholders for the causes.

As Rajasthan is a desert region, water remains as one of the main concern for people of Rajasthan. HEDCON has been working on promotion of water harvesting technologies, water saving practices, water in agriculture, water rights, artificial groundwater recharging, and improving people's access to water. Rajasthan is also the region which has more than 25% of world's population affected with fluorosis. Fluorosis is caused here by consuming excess fluoride in water. Through research studies, regular persuasion and sensitization, with government, other agencies and communities, HEDCON has been able to create awareness on the issue.

Mining is the second biggest occupation in Rajasthan since ages. Although laws have been framed but due to unorganized nature of the work, mineworkers are forced to live in poor vulnerable conditions. Illiteracy, child labour, women labour, low wages, high rate of accidents, no first aid or medical facilities in the proximity, unawareness of the constitutional provisions, are some of the prime concerns of the mineworkers. HEDCON has been working with them since its inception through creating linkages, capacity building, supporting unionization, first aid trainings, legal support, awareness on the existing laws, livelihood enhancement and legal advocacy with the related departments for securing the rights of the mineworkers. HEDCON has become a centre of expertise on these matters and therefore expanded into other critical issues.

Along with the issues of water and mineworkers' rights, HEDCON has been working on disaster management, education, HIV/AIDS, food security, livelihoods, agricultural policy, women and child labour and drought management.

As a technical support organization, HEDCON provides assistance to other likeminded organizations on proposal writing, evaluations, designing monitoring systems, strategic planning, baseline studies, and conducting research. HEDCON also organizes trainings for capacity building of professionals and NGO staff to improve their efficiency of work in the field.