Get Involved!

HEDCON is a devoted, small grassroots organization that knows any contribution made will directly benefit the people and regions most at need. Here are a few ways you can help add to our achievements:


HEDCON works on a very small budget funded through small grants and a variety of individuals wanting to make a difference. We are a small company, approximately six employees, with minimal administration costs. If you would like to nominate HEDCON for a grant/funding or donate personally please email us at HEDCON


Since HEDCON has been established there have been hundreds of volunteers from all different countries and backgrounds. We are interested in any support for our endeavors for the people of the Thar Desert region in Western Rajasthan. If you would like to read an experience of one of our volunteers please click Here.

Supply Articles

Advocacy is one of HEDCONs main initiatives in the Thar Desert. We publish quartly newsletters that inform not only the people of these regions but NGOs, the government and other insituitions. If you would like to supply and article to HEDCON or want more information on our publishings please email us at HEDCON