HEDCON Publications

HEDCON publishes and supports the publication of researches, training manuals and awareness booklets, on a range of socially relevant topics. These include water management, drought management, health care, mineworker's rights, adolescence, HIV/AIDS, traditional water systems, gender, agriculture and related issues. The publications are in both English and Hindi and are available on order by emailing HEDCON.

Title Year Language Issue Publisher
Bachchon ki das beemariyan 2000 Hindi Common diseases found in children HEDCON
Kahani-swachch paani ki mahima 2001 Hindi Safe drinking water HEDCON
Matra Evem Shisu suraksha 2001 Hindi Reproductive health HEDCON
Mahilao ke kanuni adhikar 2007 Hindi Women's Rights HEDCON
Balko ke adhikar 2007 Hindi Children's Rights HEDCON
Dalito ke adhikar 2007 Hindi Dalit Rights HEDCON
Khanan evem prathamic upchar 2010 Hindi First Aid HEDCON